January 15-19
Motion Unit test Tuesday January 16
Exam review begins Wednesday...
January 8-12
4 review questions completed in class
Balloon car lab write up completed in class
Acceleration / Speed / Time relationships

Graphing Acceleration
Quiz on Friday
Unit review Monday
Motion Unit test Tuesday
Exam Review Wednesday - Friday
Grade 10 Science Exam Monday January 22
December 11-15
Relationship between distance, time and speed. Text book work pages 354-359
Speed Graphs
Relationship between speed, time and acceleration. Text book work pages 384 -389
Acceleration Graphs
Balloon Car build and race
December 4-8
Unit test Tuesday December 5 - Study the unit check list provided at the beginning of the Unit
Focus on - Autotrophs vs Heterotrophs - Organic Compound C and H - Bio accumulation DDT and Glysophate - Reservoirs for Matter - How Nitrogen moves form and to the atmosphere (Cycle) - Extinct/Extirpated/Endangered - Human Activity and Cycles of Matter - Pyramids/Trophic levels/ Flow of Energy/#s/Biomass
Half day Wednesday December 6
Begin Motion Unit on Wednesday
Units of measurement
Nov 27 - Dec 1
Canadian Biome research assignment

Online text book
Unit test next Tuesday, review on Monday. You should begin studying over the weekend.
Nov 20 - 24
Report Card Out today
Parent teacher interviews Thursday November 23 and Friday November 24
Cycles of Matter "Cheat Sheets" due on Quiz day - Pass in all 4 cycles with diagrams terms and explanations for each.

Endangered Species and Cycles Quiz Wednesday
Canadian Biomes
Nov 14-17
Biogeochemical Cycles
Cycles of Matter
Need to understand how each element cycles through an ecosystem. Understnda the Water Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and Phosphorous Cycle. Unit test and Exam questions.
October 30 - November 3
Text Book work pages 10-13
Career Expo 1/2 day Tuesday
Amphibians and Frogs video

Endangered Species
October 23-27
Food web notes

Food Web
Poster group Assignment
Half day Wednesday
Quiz Friday
October 16-20
Unit tests passed back, marks for Chemistry and Matter will be complete soon.
Check list for Ecosystems / Environmental Unit passed out and are a great beginning point for the unit.
Half day forms for Oct 31 need to be signed and returned to homeroom
Read the power point before starting the unit.

Join the remind app - phone number - 289-205-1110 text message - joineke7kc
October 10-13
Research Assignment due
Balancing Equations Assignment due
Matter / Chemistry Check list
Unit Review
Matter / Chemistry Unit Test on Friday
October 2-6
Naming compounds
Identify types of Chemical reactions
Balance Chemical Reactions - Bozeman Science videos
Research Assignment
Check list for review and Unit test middle next week.
September 25-29
Bozeman Science Chemistry Vidoes
Compounds Ionic, Polyatomic and Molecular
Ionic and Polyatomic
Balancing chemical equations

Assignment /20 marks due Friday
Sept 27 Compound assignemnt.JPG

September 18 - 22
Bohr and Lewis Dot diagrams

1st half day of classes on Wednesday

Quiz Friday
September 11-15

Find a compound with at least 3 elements, know the ratio that makes the compound
Chart of MATTER
Interactive Periodic Table
Physical and Chemical properties

Quiz Thursday
Practice quiz 2.JPGPractice quiz.JPG
September 6-9 2017
First day of classes welcome back to a new year!
Review course outline
Sign up to remind on your phone - text this message join eke7kc to this number 289-205-1110
Have a parent or guardian sign up as well!
Periodic table / element activity in class
Begin notes from power point on this web site