Teachers are encouraged to incorporate two PISA style questions into the weekly schedule. Questions should be answered in student's SCIENCE SKILLS JOURNAL. Use the following links and schedule.

PISA OECD Sample Questions 2006

PISA Sample Questions

April 6-10
S126: Biodiversity
S127: Buses
S128: Cloning
S129: Daylight
April 20-24
S195: Semmelweis’ Diary
S210: Climate Change

April 27 - May 1
S212: Flies
S251: Calf Clones

May 4 -8
S253: Ozone
S307: Corn

Students and parents are encouraged to follow the required skill sets for answering the sample questions:

Required Skill Sets
1. Reading comprehension and identifying main concepts from text.
2. Reading and interpreting graphs
3. Demonstration of thought process and strategies for solving problems.
4. Expression of final solutions and concluding statements.
5. Self assesment and evaluation.