//Science 10 Curriculum Document//
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Course Outline Science 10

Topic 1: Chemicals in Action Text - Science 10 Pages: 170-214
Summary - an understanding of the basic concepts of matter and all of the forms that matter takes on. (Compounds, Ions, Elements and Molecules)

b) Classification of matter
c) Diagonal rule, Lewis Dot Diagrams
d) Format of the periodic table
e) Ionic and molecular compounds
f) Hydrocarbons

Topic 2: Chemical Reactions Text - Science 10: pg. 216-252
Summary - writing and balancing chemical equations.

a) Masses in chemical changes
b) Writing chemical equations
c) Balancing chemical reactions
d) Types of chemical Reactions

Topic 3: Acids And Bases Text - Science 10: pg. 288-330
Summary -Recognizing the Acids and Bases

a) Properties of Acids and Bases
b) PH Scale
c) Neutralizing Reactions.

Topic 4: Distance and Speed Text - Science 10: pg. 340-376
Summary - Looks at basic measurements, as well as, distance and speed.
a) Sig. Figs.
b) rounding
c) Determining speed
d) Distance - Time Graphs

Topic 5: Acceleration & Velocity Text - Science 10: pg. 378-490­
Summary - Will be investigating the concepts of acceleration vs. velocity.
a) Defining Acceleration
b) Speed-Time graphs
c) Vectors
d) The role of gravity on acceleration

Topic 6: Weather Text - Science 10: pg. 500-652
Summary - will be studying the different aspects of weather. Will look at global weather dynamics, forcasting weather, and extreme weather events.
a) Earth and its atmosphere
b) Major Ocean Currents
c) Pressure
e) Precipitation and humidity
f) Thunderstorms and tornadoes etc.
g) Greenhouse gases and ozone depletion

Topic 7: Ecosystems Text - Science 10: pg. 8-160
Summary - Deals with taking a look at interacting with our environment in a new and positive way.
a) Endangered Species
b) Natural Ecosystems
c) Carbon Cycle
d) Nitrogen Cycle
e) Soil
f) Lakes and Oceans

Evaluation Process

Quizzes - 20% - will be given every Friday (students expected to study during the week!)
Labs – 20%
Tests – 35% - will be given at the end of chapter or unit. (Minimum 2 days notice given)
Exam – 25% - will be written at the end of the semester during exam period.